Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hello everyone! I would like to on behalf of Defender Defense send out our warmest thank you to you all! If it wasn’t for our customers and supporters far and near, everything that we do wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for all of you. 

The closing of this year is quickly approaching and with that said I wanted to give everyone a quick overview of what to expect in the future. Defender Defense being a new business, we have much to improve on and are still trying to work out the kinks that we have. I would like to see us improve our customer experiences by adding more products to our inventory. I can see and understand that we have a very small inventory which doesn’t suit everyone's needs, and having said that; we are working on improving our inventory. But that can only be accomplished through our supporters. I also ask that everyone who has placed an order through us leave a review! This will help us gain better trustworthiness. This is one of the hardest component of a new business. Additionally, some news that everyone should know about in the upcoming week is that we will be closed from the 28th of December 2023 until the 2nd of January 2024. Dillan and I will be out of the office and won’t be able to fulfill any orders during that time. This doesn’t mean you still can’t place your orders during that time; if you do, please expect your order to be shipped on the 3rd of January when we return. Lastly, please share us with all of your friends and family and follow us on Facebook for insights when products are uploaded and the latest updates are posted.
With all that said, I would once again like to thank all of you for your support and I look forward to what this new year has to bring for us!
Thank you all,
Adrian Alimi

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